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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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I don't think that's true. I don't believe they had the episodes in June. I think The Restoration Team had them. I don't think BBC got them until they were released on iTunes. If they weren't in BBC's hands, how is it their place to speak for what Phil Morris has?

Maybe Morris doesn't want them announced, until they are restored, and ready. Wouldn't there be a shit storm to announce Marco Polo is back, and then find out 2 episodes are beyond being restored?
It is true. I was at the 50th celebration con in London and both Hines and Watling confirmed that they had seen the 2 recovered shows at a secret screening held by the BBC before June. They were sworn to secrecy by the BBC.

Also, if Morris is playing a role, he should be straight forward about what he has and doesn't has. I can understand a staggered release. He should make money on finding them because I'm sure it cost him money. But, he should be a bit more forthcoming about what he has recovered.

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