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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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^ Then BBC and Phil Morris should confirm/deny what they have knowledge of.

Keep in mind, the BBC knew about Fear and Enemy many months before they were released.

I do have to wonder how reputations would fare if anyone was found to be keeping knowledge hidden.

Mr Awe
Yet the BBC flat out lied in June saying they have no missing episodes. They have no credibility in the fans eyes in regards to missing episodes after that incident. They probably have Marco Polo but they will keep denying it until they release it.
I don't think that's true. I don't believe they had the episodes in June. I think The Restoration Team had them. I don't think BBC got them until they were released on iTunes. If they weren't in BBC's hands, how is it their place to speak for what Phil Morris has?

Maybe Morris doesn't want them announced, until they are restored, and ready. Wouldn't there be a shit storm to announce Marco Polo is back, and then find out 2 episodes are beyond being restored?
Well sometimes honesty is your best course. (rough example)

"We found some damaged Marco Polo episodes, the restoration team is working to see if any are salvageable. We will not know there condition until the team has full analyzed them. We will let you know when we get further updates.

The BBC"

So at least tell us there is a possibility, this will build talk and interest and cut out the rumors.
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