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Re: Who's the best girl for Harry Kim? If there is one...

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I like the way you worded your post, that made me crack up lol.
Thank you! Thank you! You do have a rather thorough list, actually, of women who've been had by Harry Kim and it's much longer than I would've ever suspected!

Again, I would've just LOVED to have seen Tom's first reaction to finding out about Harry and Linnis. As it seems to have been accepted by the time Kes flashes back on the scene, I have to believe that there was some hard selling going on by the women in Tom's family - Kes, especially. Maybe Tom had managed to convince himself, in the end, that it was platonic, some way. That Linnis, being a nurse and all, had merely impregnated herself with Harry's DNA ... sampled from some organ other than his genitals. But because this is only a "possible" future, all realism can be tossed to the wind, apparently, so Harry gets away with all this shit.
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