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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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I don't just want Kirk and Spock, I'd like a series that brings back a little of the wonder I felt as a kid watching Trek back when it seemed like anything could happen, back when Spock seemed alien and mysterious and the universe wasn't over-familiar. That's why I think Trek needs to refreshed in a big way. Personally, I don't get that feeling from the Abrams films, but I'm hoping a future reboot will capture that.
I'll start by saying I like the JJ movies. I've enjoyed all of the incarnations of Trek. Including Nemesis.

The problem with the primeverse is that it's become stale. They had to send Voyager to the delta quadrant just to try to introduce new things, but even then the format was the same. A reboot was necessary in order to bring that sense of wonder back to exploring the galaxy.

ST09 opened up everything we need to renew ST. It wasn't a full reboot, because they didn't want to just start over and ignore everything that's be put out there before, but they needed to be able to hit the refresh button. Nero's ship was centuries advanced and accelerated the push for bigger and better tech. Not just among the federation, but the Klingons battled him too. Altering the timeline with Kirk's father and destroying Vulcan added to the vast differences that will ultimately come because of Nero.

The key to remember about JJ's movies IMO is that it's giving writers freedom. It's giving the franchise new life and new possibilities. Going into the future beyond Voyager, we've got 50 years of history to remember, but following the JJ movies, we're able to explore the Universe again with fresh eyes and perspectives.

So my thought to those who aren't fans of JJ, just think of it as a bridge to get us on a track the Franchise needed to be taken down. The other option is that Star Trek died when Enterprise went off the air. (or with nemesis if you didn't like Ent.)
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