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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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I haven't been on the BBS in a long time.

Has Jemima Rooper been mentioned for T'Ryssa Chen?

She would be brilliant.
You mean Medusa from Atlantis? I don't see any conceivable way in which she would be remotely right for T'Ryssa. She doesn't look a thing like Trys, she's the wrong ethnicity, and I don't see any similarities of personality.

The actress who plays Ariadne on Atlantis, Aiysha Hart, is somewhat closer in appearance, at least (though she's Anglo-Arabic, not Chinese). Could that be who you were thinking of? I initially got a little confused about who was playing which character, since Rooper was listed in the main titles and Ariadne initially seemed a more central character than Medusa.
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