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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

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In fairness, I have edited my post and it constituted a message that was not quite as amusing as you see right now.

I typically don't like to edit/erase my posts after I've made them, but I was way out of line here and have removed the comments to avoid prolonging any conflict or thread derailment.

To all reading and posting in this thread, I offer my apologies.
At some point you might try apologizing to ME since once again your attack was unwarranted.

In your haste to make this point, did you miss the last sentence of the very post you quoted?

Very well then.

Loken, I'm not going to debate our previous interactions here. The fact is we have both been wrong in the past. Here, now, this thread today, my actions were wrong and I offer my sincerest apologies for that unwarranted attack today. It was uncalled for and it was unfair of me to use your posting here today to attack you. I've removed those attacks because in hindsight I see how wrong it was of me to post them to begin with and do not wish for this thread to be derailed further by more discussion or fixation upon it. Again, I am sorry for that action and will try not to attack you in such an unfair or unnecessary way again.
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