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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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Okay, I see your point. I understand why you wouldn't want something new. I suppose it comes down to whether you see Star Trek as the adventures of Captain Kirk and his crew or a sandbox universe to play in. Obviously I'm in the latter camp, but I can understand why someone would prefer the former.
I get your POV, too. I think you're definitely in the majority among fans on this board, and Bill and I are in the minority. The Berman series aren't yet a distant memory, and I can understand why fans of those series in particular would like to continue the stories of the universe developed during those years. I guess to better answer your question about wanting something new -- yes, I do want original, imaginative stories featuring Star Trek characters boldly going where no human has gone before. But I don't just want Kirk and Spock, I'd like a series that brings back a little of the wonder I felt as a kid watching Trek back when it seemed like anything could happen, back when Spock seemed alien and mysterious and the universe wasn't over-familiar. That's why I think Trek needs to refreshed in a big way. Personally, I don't get that feeling from the Abrams films, but I'm hoping a future reboot will capture that.
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