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Re: Who's the best girl for Harry Kim? If there is one...

Harry Kim's marriage to Linnis Paris is very peculiar. Why's he gotta start sweet romancin' Tom's seed? All up swimming in Tom's Koolade like that, he's just going for the easily accessible Ocampa -it's Neelix, all over again! The beautiful, guile-less Kes very likely believed Linnis, when she told her that she genuinely loved Harry and wanted to bare him many strong sons. But, I would've loved to have seen Tom's initial reaction to this news! How dare this episode deny me that! I don't know, man ... it's a little too close to home, for my liking. Which, again, begs the question: Who's the best girl for Harry Kim? I wish I knew Captain Kathryn. I really wish I knew ...
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