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Re: doors to quarters have no locks / crew have no expectation of priv

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And Captain Cockblock walks in on Riker and "Minuet" in "10110001". Seriously, had Picard been a few minutes later chances are he would've walked in on something *very* awkward.
It might just be me... but the following scenes (where Minuet goes on to flirt with Picard and Riker at the same time) seems to suggest that our bald French captain would more than certainly be up for a little 'menage a trois' with his first officer and their new holographic friend.
Nah. Picard and Riker giving each other jaw while Minuet spanks them isn't my idea of entertainment.
Hmm, yes I know what you're saying. But the question is: Is it Picard and Riker's idea of entertainment?
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