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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Yeah. If only CBS had access to some of the original assets that could be re-rendered in HD, they wouldn't have to do everything from scratch. In the immortal last words of Captain Kirk in the last episode of the original series, "if only..."
They likely do have access to some assets of DS9, and the vast majority of VOY. Rob Bonchune says he has most of the files that Foundation did for the franchise. If he doesn't have 'em it seems like his co-worker at Foundation Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz does.

Digital Muse was doing most of the work on Deep Space Nine – I don’t know if they’d changed their name to Eden FX – but they did most of the CG for that show. We [Foundation] did a fair amount of work for that show as well, but I can’t say that we were regularly doing weekly work on DS9. We were certainly part of the bigger shows, because they just didn’t have the capacity to do it all; it just needed two big teams.
Bonchune went on to describe how he has all of the original assets for not only his work with Foundation Imaging on Deep Space Nine, but also the vast majority of Star Trek: Voyager
Foundation did nearly all of the work for VOY but only did extra work for DS9, Digital Muse (more recently reborn as EdenFX) did most of DS9.

So there may actually be more of VOY assets than DS9's easily available. But if Foundation's work included most of the common ship classes seen on DS9 it could really help CBS-D.
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