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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

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I am not seeing the issue here, I think Doubleohfive was just being funny with his Garth statement, I dont sense any malicious intent. Keep in min, that Alec and I are on the same team (he is a credit Consulting Producer of STR after all) but even freinds can argue veiwpoints from time to time . I know Alec is well connect to CBS and respect his opinion. Bottom line is STR will be pitched, if rejected it will be a standalone film, that simple, no need to make anymore of it. In the end, we are doing this for the benefit of Star Trek fans and hope they like the final product.
In fairness, I have edited my post and it constituted a message that was not quite as amusing as you see right now.

I typically don't like to edit/erase my posts after I've made them, but I was way out of line here and have removed the comments to avoid prolonging any conflict or thread derailment.

To all reading and posting in this thread, I offer my apologies.
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