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Re: The Skant in TrekLit

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With the notable exception of the kilt, the majority of unisex wrapped garments reach the feet, and with good reason.
One of the churches I attend (being pan-denominational, I bounce around among 5 different churches in 3 different denominations when I'm home) has a substantial Samoan congregation, and they generally worship in traditional Samoan attire. The male version of which is approximately the same length as a Scottish kilt.

At any rate, at age 51, I can say with some authority that Christopher is exactly right: I have WATCHED women's pants go from being barely-acceptable casual attire to being commonplace work and even formal dress attire. And I've seen the advent of the Utilikilt (tm) for men. And I've also seen at least one heterosexual man publicly advocate male dresses.
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