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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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Seemingly, Kari can deal with snakes, going so far as to have a python (boa, whatever) draped over her shoulders (Woof!) with little to no aversion.

But I am confused. One of the snakes Kari placed into the "temple" set she identified as a poisonous variety. I don't know "jack" about snakes. I don't recall the species she named and I wouldn't be able to tell if that was really that particular variety. Surely they would not have placed a truly deadly species in there with Tory and surely Kari would not have handled a really dangerous species. Was she just trying to freak out Tory?

It's also a bit weird Kari got saddled with the lion feces. She so easily grossed out by things like the pork flesh they occasionally use; I'd think she's be near the point of gagging.


The poisonous snake could have been "milked" to have the bulk of it's deadly poisons removed so as that it didn't present a real danger. (Or maybe had anti-venoms at the ready.)
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