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That's the problem with new Star Trek thinking. It's more concerned with "villains" than with "concepts."
and that differs how exactly from previous Star Trek movies?
TMP was a true sci-fi concept. TWoK is meditation on aging, death, and renewal. The Genesis Device (creating and destroying at the same time) is an interesting sci-fi concept which is paid off in Trek III, where the answer is that there are no short-cuts to evolution and it asks questions about the soul/identity. Star Trek IV is ecologically minded (one of the most well-loved of the films, although it doesn't feature big space battles or fight scenes). Star Trek V is high-minded (do we need our pain? what would qualify one as God), although goofy and poorly executed. The Undiscovered Country is familiar grist for the mill (e.g., latent racism, fear of change).

The TNG movies have some legit concepts, but admittedly get progressively action-minded. The later films deserve a fair share of the blame for why we're speculating about which revenge-driven meglomaniac will show up in the next big black dreadnaught.

What are the "big concepts" in nuTrek? There are bigger ships, but apart from Kirk having to learn to play by the rules while ultimately being rewarded breaking them seems to be about it.
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