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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

Alec, we are still going to try to pitch this, as seemingly low as the odds may be. I have always been realistic here in saying a series may not happen and I have never diluted anyone. I even have a post in this thread that takes about pilot processes, mentioning unions and possible complete re-shoot under studio controlled conditions. We are not naive toward these things. This is why the story is mostly self contained with seeds that could be developed should any continuance occur.

My own belief is that if they liked the pilot and wanted to go with it, it would have to be completely re-shot under CBS studios, actors contracted in, some story changes to occur, etc.. etc... That said, if it is a stand alone, I am happy with that also.

BTW, yes Titan is a complete and utter scam by a guy that lives in the netherlands who has a pipe dream that if Titan gets enough Facebook likes it will get made. Yeah keep dreaming!
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