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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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The media showed the exchange with audio. Feel free to look it up.
Well unless Sherman is a liar I don't need to. The quote I got came from him explaining what he said to Crabtree.
Explaining what he said after the fact and what he actually said are two different things. Here's the actual clip (fast forward to about :47 to see the actual exchange).

Sherman runs up to Crabtree, smacks him on the butt (common for football players, and not a sign of disrespect), and says "Hell of a game, hell of a game!" before reaching a hand out for a handshake. Nothing nefarious at all.

He may not be the biggest fan of Crabtree outside of the stadium, but in that stadium there was no jawing with Crabtree. He quite literally ran up to him after the game, extended his hand for a shake, and was pushed in the head. An official came up to separate them, but the damage had been done. I believe AFTER this (when Sherman is now pissed) is when he does the throat choke sign towards Kaepernick (not Crabtree), and gets fined by the league.

When looking at the video evidence, what I see is a guy who went for a post-game handshake.
Terrific. Then Sherman was embellishing the story during his interview. Shocker. I don't really care about Sherman one way or the other but you aren't going to convince me that he is just this deeply misunderstood individual. He knows exactly what he is doing. Which is fine. The NFL needs guys like that. Another layer to the Super Bowl storyline to be sure.
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