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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

The whole thing about "Renegades" or "Equinox" being a "Pilot" is total nonsense. Sky Conway and I have had this conversation. You can claim you are pitching CBS all you want, but CBS doesn't accept solicitations. And they have been very clear that they WILL NOT EVER pick up a fan film. They have also said they will NEVER bring back legacy Star Trek.

I just get annoyed at all the people who think somehow CBS is going to see one of these projects and pick it up.

First, none of these projects are union crews. That alone means it could never be real Star Trek. When I talked to one of the top people in CBS, he told me point blank, that there are 50 years of contracts and union agreements that tie up how Star Trek gets made, and even the simple idea of listing fan films on would literally take the CEOs of CBS and Paramount sitting in a room together and hashing it out.

Second, my co-producer and I know more top people at CBS than any other fan film, and I can tell you that they have said it will never happen.

Yes, I know Star Trek fans think they can do anything because 45 years ago they (or more likely their parents) brought Star Trek back for a 3rd season. Well, that was a long time ago and it doesn't work that way. The Enterprise Season 5 campaign, while run by nice, sweet, well intentioned people has ZERO chance of getting that done. And CBS has said so. Star Trek: Titan on Facebook hits me as a scam since they have taken money.

So I look at Renegades as a great independent Star Trek project that will raise the bar for what a fan film is. They have raised almost $ 370,000 and from being on set and seeing the great work, I think it will top World Enough and Time as the best Star Trek Fan Film yet. But don't delude yourself that it will be picked up.
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