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Re: Why Is Nemesis Unpopular?

I just think it's harder to defend Star Trek Nemesis when it comes to the elements that drowned it. I'm not a fan of Star Trek being all about action, but I can understand why a lot of decisions behind JJ's first Star Trek movie had to have those action scenes. But Nemesis? How can you defend the Dune Buggy scene? It doesn't do anything at all for the film, story or characters. You could end the scene right after B4's head says "Fascinating" and there would be nothing lost at all. And why does Shinzon have to be a clone of Picard when the two are nothing alike and doesn't even take into account Picard's artificial heart? They made such a big deal about the experience of one's life shaping who they turn out to be, yet they literally retcon the biggest life changing moment for Picard out of the story so they can have a "Your heart, your eyes are the same as mine". They had the perfect, tangible proof of that argument and they don't do anything with it.
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