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Re: The Skant in TrekLit

So I supremely confused.

Is the going argument that a single garment, long enough to cover the buttocks on an average human but no longer than mid thigh needs will serve as proof that Starfleet is not a sexist organization? Or is it that this same garment needs to be described by a TrekLit author so that the entire written world knows that HUMANS in starfleet have progressed to the point that gender issues are no longer important?

Why is THIS garment so important as a symbol? Why do we assume that in the future wearing a skirt is "gender neutral"? Would it not be just as likely that 200 years from now female humans are forced to wear pants, and that it is considered "feminine" for males to wear pants and therefore Starfleet shows it's progressive nature by having male humans wear them as well?

I just don't get the argument here. Personally I think that skant is a silly looking, impractical outift. At least a few people agreed with me because they disappeared. However, if a Treklit guy like our dear Christopher decided to have a character wearing one, then I would roll my eyes and still enjoy reading the book. In the future what people wear is not a big deal. what they DO is the big deal. A Trek Lit author is free to make all kinds of interesting choices, that reflect his or her view of what the future will be like in an organization and culture that is free of many of the "definitions" that exist today. But forcing them to use ONE garment as proof of IDIC is just as silly as that little miniskirt that women wore in TOS and men wore in TNG.
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