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So it was no surprise to me when they actually got together.
In canon, Picard and Crusher never actually do get together, except in the alternate timeline (which doesn't end up happening) of "All Good Things" where they end up divorced.

I love both the Picard and Crusher characters. The two of them have a nice chemistry on screen that comes across as a very warm, comfortable friendship. Romantically, not so much. Their interactions in 'The Naked Now" came across as embarrassingly silly and sophomoric. Of course, it was supposed to be silly and sophomoric since they were both stoned off their *sses. In my opinion as a romantic pairing they really don't bring anything special out in each other. To quote Q, "This human emotion, love, it's a dangerous thing, Picard and obviously you're ill-equipped to handle it. She's found a vulnerability in you, a vulnerability I've been looking for for years." You don't see that vulnerability in Picard in regards to Crusher. Picard treats Cruser no differently than he would treat any of his other officers.

"Captain's Holiday" shows a relaxed, off-duty Jean-Luc Picard flirting and making love to Vash (to the point allowed by network sensors anyway). They have amazing sexual chemistry and sparks fly when they bicker with each other, culminating in the way he bellows at her about the dangers involved in going to Sarthong V. In "Qpid" we see how Picard is prone to taking extreme actions concerning Vash, storming a castle single handily and running Sir Guy through with a broad sword while the two men duel over her. This was Q's point to Picard in "Qpid" when he says, "Sadly, they're all fine... but the point is they could have been killed, and you might have been too... all for the Love Of A Maid."

In "Lessons" we see Picard flirting and making love to Nella Darren (again to the point allowed by network sensors). The chemistry isn't as fiery as it is with Vash, the interplay is a bit more subdued but he is obviously smitten. However the sorrow is palpable as Picard shuts down when it is believed she is dead on the planet. When she returns, Picard tells her in a quiet impassioned voice, "I've lost people under my command, people who were very dear to me. But never someone I've been in love with." He goes on to say, "I knew I could never again put your life in jeopardy."

In canon, we simply do not see the same kind of vulnerability in Picard's relationship with Crusher.

Of all the people on the Enterprise (series regulars) I think Picard's relationship with Guinan is the most intense. He is shown to take her word on anything, over everything. He removes the "command mask" more with her than anyone else onboard. Picard's most tender moment in my opinion is in "Time's Arrow" part 2, when he stays behind to make sure an injured Guinan is all right. He cradles her in his lap and strokes her cheek and tells her "I didn't want anything to happen to you. You're far too important to me." When she asks if they become friends, he replies, "It goes far beyond friendship."

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