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Re: The Skant in TrekLit

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The Uniforms in the 23rd century were clearly not unisex.
Actually the ones in the two pilots, the TMP, and the TWOK-TUC ones were.
No the pilot uniforms were not actually unisex. The uniforms had a much larger collar. However, they were actually closer to unisex than what we got in the series.

The monster maroons were fairly unisex except that they had a skirt option for women (not introduced until ST:V).

It is interesting that given all of the diversity that we see in Trek Lit across the eras, no one has ever bothered to address the fact that mid 24th Century officers actually had the option of a Skant.
"Picard gazed into his wardrobe. Today was the day he'd been preparing for. All those nights jogging around the darkened corridors of the Enterprise. The waxing and tanning treatments in sickbay. Today was the day he was going to wear the skant."
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