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Re: Where are those big windows on the Enterprise model on the set?

Takeru wrote: View Post
Andrew Probert intended for the saucer rim to be one deck, the show made it two instead.
...but in the inevitable process doubled the size of the Enterprise-D.
So when they made the small VFX model to accomodate Ten Forward, did the model makers accordingly reduce the size of the conference lounge windows, the shuttlebay doors and the docking ports?!?

Because if they didn't (and I'm not aware they did) the producers created a contradiction.
So it's not just Andrew Probert's intention standing against size and location of Ten Forward, but the conference lounge and other locations whose sizes had been well established.

Takeru wrote: View Post
He intended for the saucer not to have warp drive and while it was never directly stated to have it on the show it's already obvious in the pilot, the saucer did not drop out of warp after the separation and made it back to Farpoint on its own in a short time, that would have been impossible without some kind of warp.
I'm not aware that the episode did provide enough information to justify this conclusion. The separation could have taken place already in the Farpoint system. Always looked to me as if Picard wanted to deliver the saucer to safety first and then turned back to stop Q.

Takeru wrote: View Post
If there was no other information I would defer to his intentions but for me licensed material trumps his intentions and the tv show trumps everything.
I definitely can see both sides of the argument, i.e. creator's intent vs. what actually ended up on screen (apparently the basic reference for anyone to participate in treknological discussions, especially for those that do not have the behind-the-scenes information some of us do have).

But because Maurice observed that we never saw this "saucer deflector" in use or indicated on screen, the final TV Show doesn't trump anything here.

So then, licensed material trumps the intentions of the original creator?

Ain't that just great? Bad research and/or arrogance ("I know better") gets rewarded at the expense of the original designer.
Sounds to me like an attitude that's not compatible with the spirit of Star Trek and/or TNG. YMMV.

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