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"Plot twist"? Are you serious? That romance was hinted at for six seasons. Off the top of my head I can think of The Naked Now, Arsenal of Freedom, Remember Me.
Make that all seven seasons, since they got married in the alternate future of All Good Things.... It could have spanned the whole series, if only it had been explicitly spelled out in the very first episode.
I said six because she wasn't in season two.
Alright, but my point was that, if we're going to pick and choose sections of the series in which the idea was "in effect," then it's really an on-again/off-again romance that only shows up in specific episodes, and nowhere near the majority of the series (six or seven seasons). By the time of the second season, it had already been established as a latent issue between them, so that's why I counted the second season as covered in the period of time in which it had already been established.

The fact is, and the point here is, that a latent romance between them was established by episode #2, so in no way can it be called a "twist" when it shows up later. It showing up later only confirmed that it wasn't an idea that had been abandoned.

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