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Re: Kotor 1 vs 2

I don't mind turn-based combat in and of itself, I'm just not a fan of they way it was implemented for the KotOR games. For games like Fallout, Baldur's Gate, X-Com etc. it's perfectly suitable, but I think because it's more of a hybrid system--only the combat rolls rolls are turn based, not the movement--it feels off.

I think the cognitive dissonance comes from being free to move, but not free to aim and shoot on your own skill. Kind of an either/or situation I think.

Having said that, they had more or less the same hybrid system in 'Jade Empire' but I think it worked much better because it was a unique martial arts based combat.

As for the likes of was serviceable enough and a significant improvement to how it felt in Oblivion & Morrowind, but the combat scaling system in those game always felt very strange to me. I often found myself vastly outclasses or totally OP. Never seemed to find that butter zone.
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