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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Adam, devoted follower of Dr. Sevrin and master of the groovy song lyric.
B is for Babel.
C is for Ceti eels.
D is for Denebian slime devils.
E is for Epsilon IX monitoring station.
F is for Fencing, a sport practiced by both Hikaru Sulu and Jean-Luc Picard.
G is for Gamma Trianguli VI.
H is for Hengist. Kill, kill, kill you all! Die, die, die, everybody die!
I is for Intruder Alert!
J is for Jono the human Talarian. A teenage boy and orphan who loved loud music. Really, really loud music.
K is for Ktarians with rude and amusing foreheads.
L is for Lwaxana's romantic obsession with Captain Picard. Jean-Luc! Such naughty thoughts.
M is for Magnetic boots.
N is for navigator. The easiest job on the Enterprise. So much so that they did away with the position in the 24th Century.
O is for Odo.
P is for Phlox of Denobula, chief medical officer aboard the most advanced ship in the Earth Starfleet from 2151 until 2161.
Q is for Quasar-like phenomenon.
R is for the spacious, ornate Romulan Senate chamber on Romulus.
S is for Spacedock.
T is for Tamarians.
U is for USS Ulysses.
V is for Vixis. A Klingon first officer with vunderful muscles.
W is for Wogneer creatures.
X is for X-ray lasers. Crude weapons by Starfleet standards.
Y is for yes, which to Fleet Captain Pike is just one flash.
Z is for Zetar, the long-dead homeworld of the eponymous race that evolved into noncorporeal energy beings.
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