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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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Crabtree was the total douche when he whacked a man in the face for holding out a friendly hand. That's on video. Sherman's reaction was understandable.
If a small shove like that is enough to send Sherman off the deep end (throwing the choking sign around, going full psycho in the interview, and spending the rest of the evening insulting "mediocre" Crabtree), he must have some pretty damn thin skin. For the amount of talking he does, I would have thought he'd be tougher than that.

Regardless of what he said, you don't go up to someone you have issues with, swat them on the ass, and start jawing with them and then expect any sort of different reaction. Not saying Crabtree was right, but Sherman should have expected nothing less. Sherman is either dumber than everyone gives him credit for or he was intentionally baiting Crabtree. Take your pick. Just bear in mind that this isn't a guy who has necessarily developed a reputation as a gracious winner (Anyone remember "You mad, bro?!" ?).
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