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Re: Phil Collins to return to music and work with Adele

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@ Kirby: I saw him in person once, in concert and he was either drunk and/or stoned . And was bad mouthing his ex wife. Wanted my money back. Didn't listen to any of his music for around 2 years.
That's a shame; I saw him in 84 or 85 on the No Jacket Required tour and it was a great show.

I don't know if it's true or a rumor, but did he really tell one of his ex-wives that were getting a divorce via a fax?
Yea it was. A friend of mine got me and my mom, along with herself some tickets as a birthday gift... was looking forward to it, tbh, was a huge fan of both Genesis and him. So it sucked to hear him act that way and the acoustics were just terrible .

Not sure. But I can say that he was pretty pissed off on stage. Said some pretty nasty stuff. I wanted to go and have my friend get the money back for our tickets.

Lucky . I used to have a tape of that album. Got one of the songs on my ipod, along with some of his other music. Can listen to it now just fine.

Got any favorite songs?
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