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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

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But what do we really have to compare it with? Got any other examples of NFL players screaming about how bad opposing players are right after a victory in a postgame interview?
No, and that is what was so refreshing about it. Post game interviews are usually as exciting as a PAT, but Sherman took it another level. Bravo.
And how is it that Sherman was surprised at the reaction he got? He's got a Communications degree from Stanford after all,, you'd think he'd have some concept of how it would come across *shrug*
He's never before won a NFC championship. If this were the regular season, with a another slate of games exactly 7 days after his little rant, it would have been forgotten. But because his rant occurred a week before the Super Bowl hype machine went into full effect, it is still the biggest NFL story. I could maybe see the hand wringing and pearl clutching if Sheman had used profanity and threatened someone, but that didn;t happen.

Sherman's biggest mistake was coming across as "scary black man" to many Americans and he is suffering the consequences.
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