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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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Don't you want something new?
"Something new" wouldn't be something based on a fifty-year-old television series. If what you want is something new, then turn to something, well... actually new.
I was thinking about this from a comic book perspective. Batman has been rebooted, even just in film and television, more than a dozen times in my life and I don't have any problems with the various adaptations. It's not like I want to see a new story that has Batman retire/die and a new cast of characters come in to fight crime in Gotham.

Okay, I see your point. I understand why you wouldn't want something new. I suppose it comes down to whether you see Star Trek as the adventures of Captain Kirk and his crew or a sandbox universe to play in. Obviously I'm in the latter camp, but I can understand why someone would prefer the former.
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