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Re: Disney's Frozen - Grading and Discussion

^ My point was that anxiety and depression aren't, necessarily (or absolutely), signs of mental illness. One can be both depressed and experience anxiety without being mentally ill. And, for the record, Lee, wasn't the one to bring up Hans Christian Anderson, it was part of the tweets she was replying to:

Stefanie ‏@GStacyLA Jan 10 @alittlejelee The way Elsa says things and her body language strongly suggest anxiety and depression to me. I was wondering if that was
Stefanie ‏@GStacyLA Jan 10 @alittlejelee intentional or not, especially given HCA's mental illness. (Either way, it means a lot to this fan who has Bipolar II.)
Jennifer Lee ‏@alittlejelee Jan 11
@GStacyLA definitely was intentional to show anxiety and depression. Not necessarily for HCA, more for the story, but yes. Warm hugs to you.
As Lee says, it was intentional to show anxiety and depression, but not necessarily mental illness - at least as far as "HCA" is concerned. In other words, they were depicted "more for the story" than for an explicit connection to mental illness. So, yes, like the struggles of the LGBT community, Frozen could absolutely be a metaphor for mental illness. But it's not necessarily, nor explicitly so, since anxiety and depression are part of many challenging moments in life and do not always denote a mental illness (or do you mean to suggest that the anxiety and depression felt by someone struggling to come "out of the closet" is a sign that they have a mental illness?). Again, the metaphor is bigger than any single issue.
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