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Re: Disney's Frozen - Grading and Discussion

Rowan Sjet wrote: View Post
It's most obviously a metaphor for mental illness itself (Co-Director Jennifer Lee answered a tweet saying it was meant to show anxiety and depression*)
Since when are anxiety and depression necessarily signs of mental illness? I daresay many people go through both without being mentally ill.

Besides, Jennifer Lee's tweet seems to indicate that while anxiety and depression were intentional, mental illness is not explicit.

So again, mental illness is another way Elsa's journey can be interpreted ... but not explicitly so.

Rowan Sjet wrote: View Post
The sad thing about 'Let it Go' though is that a lot of it isn't about accepting her powers but locking herself back up in a new room, emphasized when she closes the ice palace doors at the end of the song.
Agreed. There's also the reprise of "For The First Time" where Elsa mentions "Oh I'm such a fool, I can't be free! / No escape from the storm inside of me!". That's part of the story - accepting herself isn't enough ... re-integrating with society, or rather using her abilities for the benefit of everyone, and not just herself, is where her power truly lies.
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