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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

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Main Bridge
USS Empress

Both of Captain Erasia’s stomachs twisted into knots. The main viewer was split between Captain Tanaka and Commander Rhizzo. Both had tense looks on their faces.

“I’m breaking off from the seed ship and engaging the Kothlis’Ka warship,” Tanaka declared.

“You’d stand a better chance with assistance,” Erasia said, making up her mind. “We’ll do it together.”

“I think that’s exactly what the Kothlis’Ka wants,” Rhizzo balked. “Look at how they’ve moved the seed ships away from the main Chakuun attack. They have anticipated our gambit and are trying to distract us.”

Tan sighed, “You don’t know that Commander Rhizzo.”

“What else could it be?” The Zakdorn shrugged. “It’s imperative that we press on and take out one of their seed ships.”

“And leave ourselves open to being attacked from behind?” Tanaka was skeptical.

“We have little defense against their neutronium ammunition as it is, it doesn’t matter if we face them head on or not,” Rhizzo countered. “What we might have though is a speed advantage, which we are rapidly dwindling as we dawdle.”

“Commander I’m ordering you to engage the Kothlis’Ka warship,” Tan’s voice brooked no further debate.

“And I respectfully decline to follow that order,” Rhizzo said, a sad look on her face. “You might not believe this but I wish that things had been different.” She deactivated the link.

“Damn it Rhizzo,” Erasia pounded her armrests. “Lt. Quim, prepare to lock on a tractor beam on my mark.”

“Let her go Captain Erasia,” Tanaka pleaded, “Let it go.”

A war raged within her as she replayed her entire fraught relationship with Rhizzo. She should’ve thrown the woman into the brig days ago, but at this moment could Tan really say that the Zakdorn’s suspicions were wrong? And maybe splitting their forces might give them the fighting chance that was all she had been asking for.

“Okay,” Tan said quietly, resolving the idea in her mind, “We’ll let Ariane continue on to the seed ship while we engage the warship.”

“It’s really the best option we have,” Tanaka said, trying to be encouraging.

“It’s the best option we have now,” Erasia said, not hiding her bitterness. “I just wish Rhizzo Godspeed.”

“Me too,” Tanaka solemnly nodded. A rakish and inappropriate grin spread over the human’s face. “And now Captain, care to dance?”
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