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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

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Main Bridge
USS Shuttlesworth

“One of the Kothlis’Ka warships is in pursuit,” the tactical officer said.

“On screen,” Captain Ottah ordered. The image shifted from the seed ship before them to the attack cruiser gaining speed behind them.

“Kothlis’Ka vessel is charging weapons,” the Dekendi officer added.

“Alter course to engage them,” Ottah said.

“Sir, are you certain?” Lt. Commander M’Reah asked. “What about the plan to attack the seed ship en masse?”

“It appears we won’t be part of that strike force,” Ottah frowned, “And to protect Captain Erasia and the rest as best we can, we need to buy them as much time as possible.” He paused, “Inform Captain Erasia of the situation.”

“Aye sir,” the Caitian replied briskly.

Ottah felt the slight give in the deck plating as the Nebula-class vessel turned to face the oncoming warship. “Full power to forward shields.” After admiring its wicked looking curves, “Tanaka was right, it is like a flying bat’leth.”

“Kothlis’Ka vessel is preparing to fire,” the tactical officer said with surprising calm.

“Hit them first with quantum torpedoes, phasers, and the tricobalt device, full spread,” Ottah ordered. He was pleased that Juriaan struck fire. The deck plating trembled and the captain dug into his armrests as a flurry of quantum torpedoes and shafts of light from the ship’s phasers and tricobalt device slammed into the Kothlis’Ka vessel.

A cheer went up on the bridge as a powerful explosion engulfed the enemy ship. “Not so tough now,” Lt. Zaiden, sitting at an auxiliary console, bragged.

Ottah was just coming back down to the Edos when Commander M’Reah snapped, “Evasive maneuvers!”

“What is it?” Ottah said, right before he caught sight of the main viewer. The Kothlis’Ka ship hadn’t been destroyed. The barrage had damaged it, but not enough. The ship had resumed its pursuit.

“Kothlis’Ka vessel is firing!” Lt. Juriaan said. “Neutronium rounds.”

“Evasive,” was all Ottah was able to get out before the slugs tore the Shuttlesworth to shreds.
************************************************** *************

Main Bridge
USS K’mpec

Captain Kenji Tanaka leapt from his seat. “No, oh God no,” he said as he watched Shuttlesworth’s destruction. “We’ve got to go back, see if there are survivors.”

“Sir,” Lt. Commander Mehita said gently, “You know there aren’t. No one could’ve survived that.”

“Kothlis’Ka vessel is now advancing on us,” Lt. Retha said.

“They’re going to pick us off, one by one,” the Gnalish operations officer worriedly opined.

“Contact Empress,” Tanaka ordered, “We’re going to have to change our plan.”
************************************************** **************
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