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Re: rare production photos from "Operation -- Annihilate!"

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Sorry feek61. I'm still a newbie to the bbs. Id post them if I could figure out how... (cue awkward silence). When I figure it out, I'll post "em
From the board FAQ (link)

When posting images, please make sure you do not post more than 50-70kb worth of photos, as a courtesy to those with slower connections. Images are to be no larger than 640x480.

Plus, you should only include an inline images from web space that you own, or with the permission from the webmaster on which the image is located to avoid what results in costly bandwidth theft to the originating site owner.

Instead, please post a link to the image.
So upload to Photobucket or Flickr or something like that and then use the image button in the message editor and paste the picture's URL into that.
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