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Re: TV: A reboot or a new crew?

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Don't you want something new? How many times can you watch the continuing missions of the starship Enterprise and its brash captain, unemotional commander caught between two worlds, racist country doctor, and the rest? It's been done twice now. I don't want to see it a third time.
Since there has been about 18 hours of material featuring those characters since 1979 (34 years), I'm all for seeing some more. For me, the TOS gang is nowhere near wearing out their welcome.
Between Trek literature, TOS, TAS and the movies (+ Abrams movies); I have processed every nuance of those characters lives from their Academy days, the lost years, two five year missions to retirement and beyond. I know you are a Kirk and Spock guy at heart but it is a little bit disingenuous to simply count TV hours and pretend like their story has played second fiddle to other crews in the Trek universe.

That being said, I could probably handle another reboot to the TOS crew on TV but I would prefer it to have some connection with the Abrams movies in some way. It would be nice not to have to separate what Trek universe I am watching.
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