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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Agreed, although I think the matter of upgrading the visual effects from SD to HD is an open question. The studio invested the money to do that for TNG, the most popular of the Berman-era shows. Will they invest the same (or more) in DS9, which is less popular? We've already seen Fox decide to simply upscale SD effects for The X-Files in HD, rather than spend the money to re-do them, so it's not as if this is without precedent.
Not just X-Files, Fox set their precedent a few years back with Firefly.
That's true. Was that a remaster, though, or was it the same master used for broadcast?
Yes it's more like the ENT Blu-ray situation, where it was already that way in the (otherwise) HD master.

What I was thinking of was the "we're not spending money on upgrading the CGI" precedent was already set by Firefly.
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