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Re: New Orleans-Class

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Ah, thank you The bolt-on torpoedo concept also makes a lot of sense.

The 2330s seems a little too early to me. I'd have thought early 2340s to be a realistic timeframe, due to both the class registry numbers and also since the Ambassador, Renaissance and their ilk were still quite prevalent. Likewise, I'd expect Challenger to be of later construction. Since the Cardie War didn't start until 2347and lasted well into the 2350s, there's ample opportunity to have observed this weakness in design and rushed to correct it.

As for Steamrunner, I can't envisage that as pre-Wolf-359. Based on the layout and the stylistic cues (such as they are for anything as of ST:FC!) I'd have put it as something designed around the same time as the Defiant, at the earliest.
Well, the design timeline from ASDB actually fits in pretty well, with the New Orleans design being approved in 2335 and the first vessels entering service in 2342. Several production groups were built until 2348, when production ceased to focus on other designs. SoTSF lists about 30 vessels built altogether.

The Steamrunner is considered a heavy destroyer in the ASDB sources, having been designed around the same time to perform traditional support and defense duties. The Freedom class had been introduced as a modern destroyer, but it proved underpowered against Romulan forces during the Tomed Incident. The Steamrunner was developed as a companion unit, one that would be capable of such missions while not forcing Starfleet to divert designs like the Ambassador and Excelsior away from their intended role as explorers.

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