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Re: Voyager Caption Contest 118: The Voyager Bunch

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"To anyone within the sound of my voice:
This is Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres of the Federation Starship Voyager.
If you read me, a Laughing Vulcan has taken control of our vessel ...
I did no such thing. Well not much...

Janeway: "One more word out of you Doctor, and I'll put you where no man has gone in the last seven years."

Doc Brown: "What the...! This isn't Howdy Doody Time!"
B'Ellanna: "Hello? Can you hear me? We're stuck in the 1950s. We need to borrow a flux capacitor."
Doc Brown: "Great Scott!"

B'Ellanna: "I told you, if you don't throw in an Akoochimoya or a Spirit Guide reference once every five minutes, he'll never make it through the crew evaluations."
Chakotay: snores gently

Standing orders on Voyager of a coffee, a rose, and a serenade for the Captain each morning, were amended after Janeway first heard Chakotay sing.

Janeway: "What idiot would put the mute button for the main viewscreen all the way over here?"
B'Ellanna: "The Emergency Engineering Hologram had an input into the bridge ergonomics."
Chakotay: "Figures..."
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