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Re: What podcasts do you like to listen to?

Filmspotting - easily the best movie review podcast I've ever listened to, and I've been listening for several years now. I've been to two of their three live shows.

Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit - a spin-off focused on, as its name says, streaming video (movies and tv shows on various services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle, online rental, movies on demand, etc.).

The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith - interviews and panel discussions with film writers, directors, actors, and producers.

KCRW's The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell - interviews with film writers, actors, directors.

Nerdist Writers Panel - interviews and panel discussions with various types of writers (television, movies, comics, etc.).

This American Life is a common, though not consistent, subscription, as is Kevin Smith's Fat Man on Batman.
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