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Making plans is hard.

I want to know this person and split a plate of burgers with him.
That person would be me, and I don't share burgers.
This is my husband also. Try to take his burgers and you might end up with a gnawed hand. (I showed him this and he fully agreed, so it's not just me making fun of him.)

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I tried to at least pull off the Eastern sticker (my mom wanted it), but it was pretty much fused to the luggage. Funny thing is, I actually have some old TWA, Northwest, and Continental boarding passes in my scrapbooks! And somewhere in one of my mom's old boxes that never got unpacked, I have little TWA and Eastern junior wing pins. Do airlines even give stuff like that to kids anymore? Just another added expense they won't bother with now, I guess.
Yes, JetBlue gives out wings. They even let my son Ian go into the cockpit before they closed the door. This happen on our most recent flight to DisneyWorld.
I probably have Delta wings from 1985 (flight to Disney World, of course) somewhere in the boxes of my stuff in my parents' attic. I don't think I got to go to the cockpit, but seeing as I was 5 my memories of that trip are mostly the Dumbo ride and the pool at our motel. I'll have to keep JetBlue in mind when my kid is old enough to get excited about wings. We usually fly Southwest now and I'm reasonably certain they don't do that.
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