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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

Yay, not sure which way I'm going on this. Can't stand the Seahawks (for the above reasons, plus think the crowd noise/12th man thing is kinda douchy), but not sure I can root for Manning either.

Likely going with Broncos, I guess. Thought being if he wins, there's a chance he retires on top, or thinks harder about it after his neck checkup. If he gets this far and loses, pretty big driver to come back and try again. So, from selfish Pats fan perspective, Broncos for the win.

Then again, Seahawks got totally jobbed back when they played the Steelers and the Refs, so maybe they're owed one? But Pete Carroll? Ugh. That and about half the team having been popped for failed drug/PED tests, kinda hard to support that...

I know: Go Commercials!
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