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Re: New Orleans-Class

^That's a common enough school of thought, however it overlooks the somewhat more common school that likes to think of NCC numbers as linear, thus placing all the FC designs before the launch of the Galaxy class in the late 50s (at the latest). Thus, many people just think that "design cues" are simply from a different group of designs that have stayed similar through several decades. Inasmuch as some case designs (Volvo, VW, etc.) stayed the same for many years concurrently, and how US or Russian warships can be distinguished by certain design cues regardless of what decade you're looking at.

So, the "Galaxy-esque" and "Sovereign-esque" families of starships all follow certain looks, with certain refinements over the years, both tending to become more streamlined as they get more advanced for example. No, this doesn't explain why there were no FC designs in the wreckage at Wolf 359 (or anyplace before FC), nor any Wolf 259 designs AFTER Wolf 359, but personally I'm happy simply thinking that space is just really, really big.

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