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Re: NFL Discussion - 2013 Season

Peach Wookiee wrote: View Post
On what grounds?
Well, as far as Pete Carroll goes, just look at the NCAA sanctions of USC and his timely departure for the NFL. If you don't see why Sherman rubs people the wrong way, I don't know to tell you. As a Packers fan, it's pretty annoying the way Tate and company celebrated a blown call. To the point of inviting Lance Easley to a softball game for photo ops. Straight up trolling yo.

Roger Wilco wrote: View Post
Yeah, just terrible.
Well obviously given the 50 man rosters, and massive coaching staffs not everybody on a team is going to be an asshat.
And Sherman, that Stanford graduate - what a thug eh, bet he sells crack to kids or something, just look at his hair.
What, you don't think his little rant was poor sportsmanship?

Oh right, the good old "thug" code word racism thing. Of course I didn't call him a thug. Are people's reactions to him in general somewhat rooted in racism? Maybe. But what do we really have to compare it with? Got any other examples of NFL players screaming about how bad opposing players are right after a victory in a postgame interview? And how is it that Sherman was surprised at the reaction he got? He's got a Communications degree from Stanford after all,, you'd think he'd have some concept of how it would come across *shrug*
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