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You Know You Watch Too Much Doctor Who When...

I got the ideal for this thread from this board's twin: Talk CSI. At Talk CSI they have threads like this in the CSI: Miami and CSI: NY sections. I feel we Doctor Who fans can come up with as many, if not more, than the CSI fans. Come on Whovians, prove me right.
I'll start.

You Know You Watch Too Much Doctor Who When...
You consider making the password for one of your wifi devices the code Matt Smith's doctor carved on the concrete column in the dungeon in the Tower Of London in Day Of The Doctor.

For those who didn't catch it or couldn't make it out, the code was: 1716231163
1716=5:16 pm in what I call military time.
231163=23rd of November 1963
The time and date the first episode of the original Doctor Who series aired.
Doctor Who Episode "FLATLINE".

THE DOCTOR: I mean this is embarrassing.
I'm from the race that built the T.A.R.D.I.S.
Dimensions are kind of our thing. So why can't I understand this?

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