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Re: NuTrek's Faulty Moral Compass

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there's no faulty moral compass or meaningful debate here.
Eh, I think the points Brutal Strudel raised were valid enough, and discussion so far indicates that opinions concerning them are hardly unanimous. Looks like room for debate to me.

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I grew up with Trek. Started watching TOS when I was 4, I was 16 when TNG premiered.

Honestly, I never found TOS nor TNG all that "deep" to begin with. Just think about this: while you're looking down your nose at those who like the Abrams films because they aren't as "deep" (in your opinion) as the shows you grew up with. There are people out there who read hard science-fiction novels who are looking down their noses at you because what you think is "deep" is laughable to them.
Could be debated just as well on the merit or lack of merit of opinions offered, though, without looking down any noses at the persons who offer them. Yes, let's leave the nose-looking parts out; those add nothing useful to the conversation.
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