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I for one one will feel cheated if we don't get to see Lucy the Vampire on the prowl . . .

Meanwhile, the other big shoe to drop is that Mina still doesn't know that "Grayson" is Dracula. She loves him now, but when she finds out that he's a bloodthirsty demon who occasionally feeds on anonymous victims . . . ? We haven't seen Dracula munch on an unsuspecting victim for a few episodes, but it's been established that he does need to do so from time to time, which makes him essentially a serial killer.

Poor Mina! She's in for a number of shocks. Her fiancee is a killer, her new lover is a killer, her mentor--Van Helsing--just killed two innocent children, and her best friend Lucy just turned into a murderous vampire as well. At this point, the only person in her life who isn't a fiend is her father, who we barely see.
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