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Re: TrekBBS Armada - The Foundry

I'm trying to plot out a reunification story between Vulcans and the Romulan Republic. Right now, I am trying to figure out what each faction would feel about reunification. The Tal'Shiar and Sela's faction is definitely against. D'Tan, being leader of the Romulan Republic, was also Spock's student so he is definitely a strong pro-reunification voice. By that extension, I believe the Romulan Republic would be pro-reunification.

As for the Federation, am I right to assume that they would feel that reunification is an internal matter between the Vulcans and Romulans. So the Prime Directive of non-interference would apply? Meaning they would not do anything official to further reunification?

That leaves the Remans. I have no idea how they, especially their leader Obisek, feel about reunification. What do you guys think? Would the Remans support the Romulan Republic in attempts at reunification?
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