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Re: If Nazi's had not been defeated space timeline reasonable?

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The Nazi Party was not The Cardisassians, or the Klingons, or some work of fiction that had a future that could be played out according to an imagination without a rule book. If you're going to use this "what if" scenario on an actual party group, in this case, the Nazi's ... then you are going to have to play it by their rules.
I agree with this and with much of 2takes' other commentary on the structural flaws of Nazism, and the Reich's ultimate basic unsuitability for becoming a viable space power.

The really basic problem is working out just how much has to be changed to produce a "victorious" Nazi Germany at all and figure out what that country looks like. The leadership's obsession with astrology and occultism and suspicious, inconsistent and chancy embrace of rationalism wasn't a feature of just Hitler's personality; it was a fundamental feature of fascism, a built-in part of the whole exercise of building a party and state around a cult of sub-rational ultra-nationalism and the semi-magical collective "will" of a people as embodied in its leader. Was there a way to make this project into any kind of long-term viable modern state at all? It's really very hard to say, but I lean toward agreeing with 2takes that the answer is probably "no"... at least not without the result being Nazi in name only, a route which robs a lot of resonance from the idea of a Third Reich space programme.

Some of the Nazis' most famous technical achievements as it is just barely survived being snuffed out by intra-party rivalries. This includes the V-2 rocket program -- which at an rate ultimately delivered little practical benefit to the war effort, the benefits were reaped mainly by the Americans after the war -- as recounted in The Rocket and The Reich by Michael Neufeld.
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