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Re: Best TV Show Ever Comes to DVD End of April

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I would rather hear the news that I'd just tested positive for HIV than hear that Shout Factory had the rights to my favorite TV show. This is one of the worst DVD release companies out there, an amateurish outfit that has a history of botching the release of several classic shows. Keep your fingers crossed that HSB comes out okay.
Meh, Shout Factory isn't bad. For worst DVD company, my vote goes to Mill Creek. Worthless, unplayable disks that freeze up in various spots. I pissed away 70 bucks on Hunter The complete series from them a few years back and found their disks to be horrible.

And it's not just me. I've heard complaints from friends, friends of friends, family of friends, my own family, online reviews, pretty much anybody who ever paid for a Mill Creek release, no matter what it might be. And the complaints continue to this day.

How those clowns stay in business is anybody's guess.

Personally, I'm looking forward to this Hill Street Blues set, although it'll be closer to September before I'm done saving up the money to get it.

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