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Re: Dracula - NBC

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And, oh, Harker is well and truly a scumbag now. Note that when he found out that the Resonator was set to explode and cause a major catastrophe in the middle of London, he didn't even think about trying to stop the demonstration or prevent the disaster; he just wanted to make sure Mina wasn't present. Never mind the scores of innocent people in danger . . ..
Exactly. The heroic characters from Stoker's novel are in no way heroic in this series going forward from here.

Dracula may be a monster who has to drink blood to live, but Van Helsing tortured Browning and turned his children into vampires using Dracula's blood, while Harker was complicit in the deaths of dozens or hundreds.

If there's a second season of Dracula, I hope Cole Haddon and his team went into this season with an inkling of its plan, because what this episode sets us up for -- a cat-and-mouse game between Dracula on one side and Van Helsing-Harker on the other -- doesn't strike me as viable over the long term.
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